WTF Finds!

Yes, you read it right! But I didn’t mean to curse in the title of this post. WTF (What the F) is simply the name of the online store of my two friends where I get various beauty products and apparel such as imported authentic makeup and perfumes, local organic soaps and authentic Crocs among others.

The other week, they have this Midyear Clearance Auction and through my representative in the person of... *drum rolls please* my boyfriend, I (or he) snagged these items:
  1. 7pc Makeup Brush Set (Purple). I got this for Php 170 onl, originally priced (WTF price) is Php 350.
  2. 3pc All Organics Soap (Clarifying Variant). Each of the soap costs Php 70 but the last bidding price for the set of three is only Php 90. Discount is more than half the price.
  3. 2pc Cosmetic Pouch Set. This retails for more than a hundred pesos I think but I got this for Php 90 only.
I’m thankful that he agreed to bid for me since I can’t be online before the bidding period ends (which is rather crucial when bidding for items you really want). I wasn’t able to make it because of him (sort of) so it’s just fair enough that he bid for me. :D

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