Get Your Copy Now!

"Copy of what?" you might ask. I have just learned about a few days ago through my client. Copy is a service similar to Google drive and Drop Box. It allows you to save files such as documents, photos and videos and access them anywhere so long as there is internet connection. No need of external storage devices such as hard drives, flash drives, CD and others.

To get the most out of this application, you have to install the app to your desktop or mobile device. But unlike Drop Box, you never need to link your computer to your account. You simply need to be online and login to your account in order to upload or download files stored in your Copy.

One advantage of Copy over Drop Box (which I have been using for years) is the capacity. While Drop Box offers 5GB storage for free, Copy allows users thrice as much so that is 15GB storage space for free. Like Drop Box, you can also increase your storage capacity by inviting your friends to sign up. You (as well as your friend) will earn 5GB extra storage once the software has been installed.

I also love their product concept represented by the origami crane.
Curious about Copy? Sign up for free now!

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