Review: Cyleina Kojic Organic Soap

Cyleina was once a favorite brand of organic soaps. After months, or probably a year, of using soaps from the brands, I decided to take a rest from using it because I feel like it stopped working... or maybe I just got tired of it. And now that I would want to give join the organic soap bandwagon again, there’s nothing better than going back to my trusted brand. I haven’t tried this variant before and I decided to go for it since it claims to clear skin blemishes, acne and other skin impurities. I was pretty hopeful that it delivers it does it? Here’s my review...

Product Description:


Packaging and Appeal. The soap comes in bar of about two inches by two inches in dimension and about half an inch thick. It is covered with thin transparent plastic like that of a plastic food cover and the type that is used to wrap shoes displayed in malls. It also comes with a simple label that surely indicates that the product is from a small local entrepreneur. The soap is orange and can be mistaken as papaya soap sans label.

Like most organic soaps, Cyleina Kojic Organic Soap is soft and becomes gelatinous if not allowed to dry. It tends to dissolve easily hence it must be allowed to dry after using.

Scent. The scent is nothing unusual. It has a typical organic soap scent - fruity, yummy and sweet yet not too overpowering.

Effectiveness. While I have no qualms in using this on my face, I opted not to use it there anymore since I’m quite contented with my current face cleansers (Nivea Cleansing Foam and pure honey). And besides, it wasn’t intended for face use. I bought the soap hoping that it can whiten the dark spots and even out my skin tone in my stomach and abdomen area.

I use the soap twice a day (morning and evening) and let it stay for a few minutes before rinsing. I felt no stinging or burning sensation, no itching, redness or any other negative reaction. But like other organic soaps, it can be a bit drying though.

One bar lasted me for more than a month and the result is so-so. It failed to meet my expectations but I noticed some improvements. My skin, including dark spots and blemishes lightened a bit but not enough to earn my rave. Maybe I expected too much from it thus my opinion.


Price. One bar costs Php 65 but I don’t think I got what I paid for. But then, I am not only paying for the result, I am paying for the natural ingredients too so it is completely understandable. And besides, if it means helping local farmers and entrepreneurs, I won’t consider it a waste of money. As what we were taught in grade school, "tangkilikin ang sariling atin" (patronize our own).

Availability. This is available in Watsons and SM Department Store Health and Beauty section.


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Packaging & Appeal
Overall Rating

Would I buy this product again?
I'm not sure... maybe, but not in the near future.

While I have nothing against this product, I don’t think this is what my skin needs. If you are thinking of using this, I won’t discourage you from doing so. We all have different skin care needs and who knows, it will work for you. Just remember to incorporate it to your daily skin care routine gradually to give your skin time to adapt to it.

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