Gloria Maris in Iloilo

Gloria Maris opened in Iloilo last quarter of 2012 and since then, we have been planning to eat there some time. But after more than half a year, we finally find time to eat at the not-so-new-anymore restaurant just last week. Funny because it’s just around 10 minutes walk from our office but it took us this long a time to push through with the plan. Well, there are many restaurants lined up in our list of “next date venue’ so it’s kinda easy to forget some. :D
Roast Duck Rice Php 248. It’s a bit chewy for me but the one who ordered it loved it, so I guess it must be good.
The day after my nth birthday, which happens to be our pay day also, we decided to dine there. It’s kinda easy to feel intimidated with this restaurant because of its elegant vibe as well as seeing the chef and everyone in the kitchen all geared up for battle. Yes, their kitchen is visible to customers and even to passersby since it is located in the front area.

Soy Chicken Rice Php 148. I’m not being biased but I love that the chicken is so tender and the taste in general is... aaah *dreaming of it* heavenly? LOL!

At first, I thought Gloria Maris is Spanish or Italian Restaurant based on its name but only learned that it’s actually Chinese when we get there. And what I thought as expensive and soshal restaurant is actually a... well, so so! I mean, their price range is not as expensive as I thought. I think the price of the foods is just a little higher than the Chinese Restaurant we frequent, the Kusina Tsina. Actually, it’s very Kusina Tsina... with upgraded features such as spacious area, classier interiors, better-dressed employees, comfort room (which Kusina Tsina doesn’t have) and a separate area for fine dining.

I’m sure the guy and I will be back for more... more dining experience!

Fried Shrimp Dumpling Php 98. I’d still go for steamed, anytime.

Black Gulaman Sago Php 68. There is nothing special about this dessert, just a typical black gulaman and sago combination.
Amigo Mall and Hotel
Corner Delgado-Iznart Streets, Iloilo City
Tel. Nos. 3331688 / 3330128

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