Review: Avon Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder

I haven’t used an Avon pressed powder in a  while but my co-worker has been raving about this so when this went on sale last month, I immediately ordered one in medium shade. I have been using this for more than a month already and so far the result is pretty good.

Product Description:

Packaging and Appeal. This pressed powder comes in black compact container with mirror. The outside doesn’t have other print except the name “AVON” in silver grey text. The pressed powder in the pan is smooth even after all the swiping I have done all these days. There are no bumps, hardened portion or other flaws like the Covergirl Outlast pressed powder I bought previously. Additionally. it’s not as chalky as other cheap pressed powders I have tried.

Scent. This pressed powder doesn’t have undesirable scent. Its light scent is a typical cosmetic scent that any girl can tolerate.

Effectiveness. This pressed powder claims to control facial oil and true enough, the appearance of oil reduced significantly. My skin doesn’t look as oily as it used to be and I am loving it. Proof, I no longer see the need to blot my face many times a day. Just once or twice throughout the day as opposed to four to five times daily.

This pressed powder didn’t cause my redness, itchiness, pimples or any skin problem.

Staying power. I apply once in the morning (after my toner and concealer) and it stays on the face for hours. In fact, I don’t even see the need to reapply midday and I rarely apply in the afternoon before leaving the office. In addition to the powder’s staying power, my low requirement on makeup can also be credited for that.

Ingredients. Sad that the product doesn’t have its ingredients listed on the box or compact.

Price. Suggested retail price is Php 250 but I got mine on sale for Php 199 only.

Availability. The product is available all year round (unless they discontinue) so no need to worry.


Aspects Rating
Packaging and Appeal 3.5/5
Scent 3/5
Effectiveness 3.5/5
Staying Power 4/5
Ingredients 2.5/5
Price 4/5
Availability 4/5
Overall Rating 3.5/5

Would I buy this product again?

Conclusion. This product is indeed ideal to those who are having problems with oily skin yet doesn’t want to pile too much makeup on their face. Additionally, it has SPF 17 hence you can skip using other skin protection products so long as you will not be staying under the sun for hours. Can be used everyday.


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