First Iloilo Business Park Fun Run

Fun runs are getting unstoppable in Iloilo. Many organizations, government and private, have been organizing various running activities to benefit their chosen charities and projects.

Last Sunday (September 1), I along with my boyfriend and few co-workers joined the first ever fun run initiated by Iloilo Business Park (Megaworld). Apart from free singlet for first 500 registrants, what motivated me to participate is the venue/route of the race which is in Iloilo Business Park. Indeed, it is the safest fun run in the city since they own the roads and they can prohibit vehicles from entering the area while the activity is happening. No need to close the highways that can annoy those who are affected by traffic. It felt like running in a gated subdivision where houses are sandwiched in between vacant lots.
Getting ready for the run. Photo Credit
There were two categories; 4k run and 8k run. The program started at 5:30 am and the actual marathon started at around 6:00 am. SInce it’s the first time for the group to organize such an event, there were only around 1000 participants. But give this event three to four years and the participants will surely increase significantly.

Snack (arroz caldo and burger) was served after the race.

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