Orcas, Swimming Lesson and Impulse Buying

As a self-proclaimed nature-lover, I can’t help but feel happy each time I get a glimpse and experience nature at its best. The event that inspired me to make this post is the video I saw last week. It was a video of a pod of orcas parading through Active Pass, a narrow stretch separating Galliano and Mayne Islands (British Columbia). They swam just feet from the shore! Oh what a lovely sight!

Never mind the woman screaming. :D

The video led to a chain of events on that day. Why? Because the video reminded me of our Palawan trip next month. It reminded me that I will be having a good time with nature soon. But the thoughts of our upcoming trip didn’t just give excitement; it also reminded me that I don’t know how to swim. I feel a bit bad thinking that I won’t be able to enjoy underwater sights as much as those who are confident with their swimming ability. Additionally, the recent accident in the waters of Cebu that claimed close to 100 lives and left 39 missing made me feel a lot worse due to my lack of swimming prowess.

Thus the idea of swimming lesson came to mind. I suddenly see the need to enroll myself to a reliable swimming instructor. Actually, I know someone who can teach me how to swim but it is often difficult to schedule our session since he works night shift and I work during the day and weekend comes, all he ever want to do is sleep. So it is either I have to force him to teach me or look for other instructors instead.

With this desire to learn how to swim, I remembered that I have no appropriate swimsuit. All my swimsuits are for pa-cute swimming only. I need a swimsuit like the ones worn by swimmers. So after work, I went to Robinson’s Mall Iloilo to check out their swimming apparel. They have wide selection of swimming apparel compared to SM and they were having a sale at that time. Though I didn’t find anything that suits my needs and budget, I didn’t go out of the store empty-handed. I found this simple haltered swimsuit top at 50% off. I love that the top can be used not only for swimming but also under a blazer or as is. I also love its bright color! My mom loves the color too! ;)

So you see how one video can spark thoughts and affect decision-making? LOL! More than a couple days after that day, I still haven’t been to the pool or made a move to look for a swim instructor. But at least, I have talked to that guy I know who can teach me how to swim. :D

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