September Finds

I thought I won’t be posting for my September finds since I am on hiatus from trying out new products as my skin has been suffering from major breakout. It is annoying because pimples are popping up not just on my face but my neck and back as well. Each time I face the mirror, I cringe, not wanting what I see. Actually, I would love to try various acne treatment products but I’m afraid that it would aggravate the situation so I settled for:
  1. Dove Sensitive Beauty Bar. Though I have been using Dove soap for years, I haven’t tried this variant before. Believing that it is mild since it is formulated for sensitive skin, I gave this product a go. Additionally, I know some dermatologist who prescribes Dove soaps to their patients so I think this must be good.
  2. St. Ives Skin Renewing Collagen Elastin. Not my first time to use the brand’s body lotion but my first time for this variant so I included it here.
 These are the only items I tried for the first time for the month of September. I am really hoping that my pimples will clear up really fast so that I will never have to worry about it anymore. If it remains the same in the next couple of weeks, I might have to see a dermatologist.

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