SMART Scam Text

Everyone loves reward, there's no doubt there. Regardless of value or size, any recipient will surely be delighted. Some would even do anything just to get the promised reward.

Unfortunately, there are people who use the reward method for their evil motives. Last week, I received a message, purportedly from SMART Communications, informing me about my reward. Here's what the message says:
1/1 SMART:
Congrats! SMARTLoad are giving 500 Load @ FREEText 2 all SMART/TNT Retailer. To verify? Just text 500 09984432405 send to 343.
DTI 7903
There are many points that made me believe that this message is bogus.
  1. Only the number of the sender appears on the screen. SMART being a telecommunication giant undoubtedly has measures to ensure their reliability. When a message is a valid SMART message, the name should be 888, CustCare, SMARTGold and SMART. When it is number only, better take a step backward.
  2. It says retailer but my number is not a retailer SIM, it's not even prepaid.
  3. Grammar and punctuation error. Example use of "@" instead of "&" or "and".
  4. The use of 1/1. I think those who are in charge of the company's communication are not stupid enough to use 1/1 when there is obviously one SMS only.
I tweeted @SMARTCares about this text message to confirm the veracity of it and so that I can warn others if I have proven that it is indeed bogus. True enough, my suspicion is correct. Here's the reply:
Hi. Pls disregard the txt mssg since 343 is an access code 4 SMART Load transactions. Pls note that we do not give something in exchange of knowing details or claiming prizes such as this transaction. All promos/prizes shall come from a SMART Text ID/access #. U may visit 2 file a complaint online. Pls include d # that sent u d message when filing ur complaint. HTH. Tnx.
The reply says it all. So to every cellphone owner out there, be extra careful about these text messages you receive. Don't believe everything you hear or read. I advice that you get confirmation first from authorized persons/sources. With today's technology, doing so is no longer impossible. Be vigilant my dear readers! The world is beautiful but unfortunately it cannot stop evil deeds from spreading.


  1. thanks. i just receive this message:

    SMARTLoad reward to all retailers! You will receive 500 FREELoad and 500 FREETxt.To claim just text 50009503836471 send to 343. DTINCR PERMIT#5411

  2. From 09434525781 saying " smart load is giving 500 freeload +83 freetxt to all retailers nationwide. To claim your prize! Just type 500 9481144321 and send to 343. Ref:543375001007