Review:Human Nature Strengthening Shampoo

Last week’s review was about Human Nature Moisturizing Conditioner. This time around, I will be talking about Human Nature Strengthening Shampoo. If the organic conditioner is no different to traditional or chemical-laden conditioners when it comes to application and the feeling you get while washing, it’s a different story with organic shampoos. Organic shampoos don’t have sulfate?, the chemical responsible for creating bubbles and rich lather when we shampoo. Having been used to “unorganic” shampoos, using the organic one sometimes gives me the feeling that I have not shampooed my hair at all.
I have tried using this without a conditioner, with Human Nature Moisturizing Conditioner, with Pantene Conditioner and with baking soda. The result?

Note: Updated 10/12/14

Product Description:
Save your hair before it’s gone! Our Natural Strengthening Shampoo is infused with hydrolyzed protein to fortify your hair, and Philippine coco nectar, a revolutionary ingredient that bursts with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Our breakthrough CREAMFoam® technology acts like a lotion to moisturize your hair and scalp, leaving you with hair so much stronger, healthier, and shinier!


Packaging and Appeal. There is nothing extraordinary about the packaging of the shampoo so I will not discuss regarding it any further.

When it comes to the product itself, the shampoo is less viscous, almost liquid, compared to those popular shampoos. It looks almost the same as Lactacyd baby bath (blue) but more viscous. I have tried the cool peppermint variant before and naturally, it has tingly and minty feeling during application. Even if you are not a fan of menthol shampoos, you may want to give this a try as the feeling it gives is so slight it seems to vanish less than a minute after application. You just have to be careful not to let it come in contact with your eyes to prevent stinging sensation and possible irritation.

Lately, I tried and stuck to soothing aloe for a couple of months.

Effectiveness. During my first attempt to love this shampoo, I was encouraged to get the cool peppermint variant because of its menthol, hoping that it will help control itchy scalp caused by dandruff. Indeed it helps control the dandruff and itchiness since it doesn’t cause product build up. However, while using this shampoo, my pimples got worse and though I’m not sure if this is the culprit (since I introduced new products to my skin regimen at that time), I decided to stop using this while I’m having my pimples treated.

More than half a year after I stopped using the cool peppermint, I decided to reintroduce the product to my routine but this time, I got the soothing aloe instead. Like the cool peppermint, I find the aloe variant effective in treating dandruff and itchiness. I am so glad that I no longer have to scratch my head as often as before, something I find really embarrassing. My only regret with this shampoo is that, it cannot stop my hair fall totally.

  • Cool Peppermint - The scent is minty but not overpowering and tends to fade in a short while. 
  • Soothing Aloe - I loooove the scent of this variant. It really is soothing.
Ingredients. This product contains natural ingredients therefore reducing the risk of negative effects caused by chemicals.

Price. The price is reasonable; the 50ml bottle costs 44.75, 200ml costs 129.75 and 500ml costs 289.75.

Availability. The product is available in Human Nature outlets and authorized dealer only.


Aspects Rating
Packaging 3/5
Effectiveness 3.5/5
Scent 3/5
Ingredients 4/5
Price 3/5
Availability 3/5
Overall Rating 3.25/5

Would I buy this product again?
Yes. I have repurchased already.

If you want to make a switch from chemical or drug store shampoos to healthy alternatives, then try this product as it is reasonably priced compared to other organic products in the market. During the first few days of use, hair may become heavy, wiry or frizzy but once your hair has adjusted to it and the chemical residues have been stripped off, you will notice your hair becomes soft and shiny. Adjustment period vary from person to person but in my case, it took a couple of months or so.

I see myself using this for long term. I also add a few drops of Lactacyd baby bath or All Organics (Milea) Tea Tree Shampoo from time to time.

If you want to make a switch visit a Human Nature outlet near you or you can order online and have it delivered to your doorstep. When trying this product for the first time, remember that this doesn’t lather no matter how much product you use so don’t get frustrated.

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